Your Wardrobe Upgrade Is Here

Your outfit of the day, your #OOTD, your power suit, your perfect desk to date wear, it sounds like such a small thing to be able to wear something that you are proud of and feel good in to work, but the second that is taken away from you, you realize it makes all the difference. It changes your attitude, your demeanor and how you carry yourself amongst your co-workers, customers or in this case, your patients.

Medical professionals are relied on for so much, they devote so much of their time and effort to a demanding job and they deserve to have clothing that is just reliable as they are, clothing that makes them feel good, especially after they have worked a 20 hour plus shift.

Before Medelita, medical professionals had few options when it came to work attire. Scrubs and lab coats were made of cheap material that were uncomfortable, scratchy and unreliable, falling apart after only a few wears.

Again, we get it, when it comes to do your job in the medical field, fashion is not high on the priority list, but come on people–they deserve high quality gear!

Founded in 2008, Medelita, creates lab coats and scrubs for both female and male medical professionals that actually fit. They have gone beyond the one size fits all, unisex options and have created lab coats that are meticulously hand designed and tailored to have a flattering fit for men and women. Each coat is comfortable and tailored to fit each sex the same way a suite or dress would be, ergonomically designed to relieve medical professionals from the constant pain of readjustment.

More than providing a better fit, Medelita created their own fabric to be hydrophobic, hydrophilic, wrinkle and stain releasing and bacteriostatic, preventing any skin cells or organic particles to cling to the fabric, which is the main cause of body odor on clothing. All of this features combined means that on the outside, spills and stains roll right off, from the inside moisture and sweat is wicked off and overall, minimum maintenance is required for Medelita clothing. All of these features are imbued into the yarn before it even becomes fabrics ensuring longevity as it will never wash out.

But what undeniably make this clothing great is that these were designed for medical professionals, by a medical professional.

Medelita founder Lara francisco worked a level 1 trauma center in Jamaica, Queens, New York for over 10 years before she took a huge risk by starting Medelita with her own money and savings. At the time, she had no experience starting a business and no experience in fashion or clothing design. She taught herself all his and managed to create a successful business with no venture capital needed. Lara created Medelita because she felt that she and her colleagues deserved better uniforms that properly reflected the same level of aptitude and professionalism they bring to their patients every single day.

Are you a medical professional in need of a wardrobe upgrade? Know someone who is? Visit the website of Medelita Scrubs & Lab Coats.