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Video: CrowdMed Offers a New Way to Help Solve Medical Mysteries

“When you have chronic pain, it means you can’t focus on other things in life” says CrowdMed Patient Rip Heminway. He continues, “I felt frustrated because every time I would go in and see a specialist they would give me a list of different things they think it might be, but never any kind of concrete clarity around what the problem was.”

“In the past two years, I’ve gotten very, very sick” notes CrowdMed Patient Dianna Cleaveland. “We’ve seen a multitude of specialists. You end up with a traumatic situation where you don’t want to go to doctors.”

Mystery illnesses being diagnosed by Medical Detectives:

CrowdMed founder Jared Heyman’s sister spent three years suffering from an undiagnosed medical condition. Only after seeing two dozen doctors and racking up a six-figure medical bill did she finally get a diagnosis. Thinking there had to be a better way, Heyman came up with CrowdMed.

“Utilizing CrowdMed, one accesses not just one physician, but one can access hundreds or even thousands of physicians” says Dr. Daniel Auer, one of CrowdMed’s 15,000 volunteer Medical Detectives.

“Part of the cutting edge today, and the future of health and medicine is empowering the individual as a patient or a consumer, and empowering the clinician” says another CrowdMed Medical Detective, Dr. Daniel Kraft.

“CrowdMed provides some clarity to all of the noise out there” says Rip Heminway, while Dianna Cleaveland notes “CrowdMed fills a need that no doctor can fill.”

“I saw the suffering that my sister endured, bouncing from one specialist to another. And I saw the incredible cost – not only financially, but also in terms of human suffering… and that’s what inspires us to do what we do.” – CrowdMed Founder, Jared Heyman.

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