Brian Lehrer, award-winning host of The Brian Lehrer radio program, and, recently interviewed CrowdMed’s founder and CEO, Jared Heyman. The result is one of the most in-depth interviews you’ll find on CrowdMed, providing numerous insights on our mission, the wisdom of the crowd, and the inspiring story behind the development of CrowdMed. We hope you’ll enjoy the program as much as we did! Continue reading CrowdMed

For 10 Years No One Believed She was Sick

We are humbled and honored to share the story of Deanna, one of our patients, who yesterday published an article on about her experience with our system.  As you will see, she had a fantastic experience.

Most importantly, she also shares her own journey to arriving at a diagnosis.  Like most of our users, she had spent years unsuccessfully vainly trying to get a proper diagnosis, and had almost given up hope when she heard about CrowdMed. Continue reading For 10 Years No One Believed She was Sick