5 Diseases Modern Medicine Missed For A Very Long Time

There was a time in history when nearly every medical condition recognized today was an unidentified mystery.  Rabies victims in Europe inspired stories of the holy water-fearing undead and citizens of Salem suffering from Ergot poisoning were hanged for witchcraft, long before medicine had a name and a treatment for either malady.  As medical research and happy scientific accidents led to discoveries like Germ Theory and penicillin, our ability to identify and address common health concerns grew.

Although we have come a long way since the days of humor balancing and unnecessary bloodlettings, there is still a lot that the healthcare field doesn’t know about the complexity of the human body or its response to our ever-changing environment.  In fact, some of the conditions that we would never second guess today were dismissed by the medical community less than a century ago.  A few of them may surprise you.

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Proof The Internet Can Help Diagnose You

This is an exciting moment for us here at CrowdMed.  After just a year since launching, we have hit our 500th case submitted. What does that 500 signify?  That’s 500 people that have spent years, sometimes decades, trying to find out why they are sick.  500 people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars.  500 people who have spoken to specialist after specialist, doctor after doctor, with no answer. Continue reading Proof The Internet Can Help Diagnose You