Facts About Lyme Disease That Even The CDC Doesn’t Know

More than 30 years after being an identifiable and reportable illness, Lyme disease continues to be a hotly debated issue inside and outside of the medical community. There is a wide spectrum of opinions when it comes to how the disease manifests itself and how frequently the medical community believes the disease should be diagnosed.  Are the current tests accurate or inaccurate, how long should treatments last and what should those treatments look like?  Can this disease become chronic? 

The CDC is one of the most respected sources on disease information in the United States. However, when it comes to Lyme disease, they have a history of not reporting all of the facts. With such a powerhouse source relaying so much misinformation, confusion surrounding this debilitating disease remains one of the primary reasons it goes so under and misdiagnosed, as well as untreated.

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Facts About Lyme Disease: The Misunderstood Condition

Lyme disease can present with a wide range of symptoms, resulting in frequent misdiagnosis. The most common presentation includes fever, fatigue, headache, and a bull-eye rash at the location of infection, but as many as half of infected individuals never report a rash and present with other symptoms.

And, you may be surprised to hear that the most diagnosed illness on CrowdMed is Lyme disease.  The issue of misdiagnosing and not even arriving at a diagnosis at all when someone has Lyme disease is clearly a problem.

EDITOR UPDATE: Several readers pointed out some outdated information referenced in the original overview. There’s nothing worse for patients than trying to fight prevailing “wisdom” in the medical community, which simply isn’t true anymore. We’ve updated this post accordingly. By the way, we’ll also soon be publishing an article by one of our patients, highlighting her personal experience and frustration with Lyme disease. Stay tuned!

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When Crowds Are Smarter Than Doctors

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The Top 20 Most Common Uncommon Medical Diagnoses

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