MD Spotlight: DrDeVilliers

This month’s MD Spotlight is CrowdMed Medial Detective and Moderator, DrDeVilliers. Originally from and currently residing in South Africa, DrDeVilliers brings an impressive determination and dedication to their CrowdMed cases. Inspired by their father, a Pediatrician, DrDeVilliers chose to study medicine over a choice of Electrical Engineering. Today, DrDeVilliers is a general practice physician with interests in family medicine, internal medicine, allergology and psychiatry.

Growing up, we remember always being told to respect, learn and remember history, that arguably your most important life lessons would come from this. DrDeVilliers successfully brings this same attitude to their approach to CrowdMed cases, siting over-reliance on special investigation as one of the biggest challenges in the medical field today.

“It is often said that ’80% of diagnoses can be made on history alone’ and I see a worrying trend toward decreased emphasis on history, examination and side-room investigations. It is no coincidence that many society guidelines recommend against aggressive investigations and that the field of radiology is “notorious” in their recommendation to “correlate clinically”.”

With passions for indie music, pizza and a certain cartoon cat, we are excited to have DrDeVilliers as part of our CrowdMed community.

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My 10-Year Diagnosis Journey: An Update

“Same story, different day.”

That’s my default response when people ask me how I’m doing. And it’s the truth.

When I last detailed my grueling diagnosis journey, it had ended on a hopeful note. There was one remaining obstacle, however. I still had to confirm CrowdMed’s suggested diagnoses with my doctor. But I can’t afford a doctor or health insurance, so I wasn’t sure how to move forward.

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A Call To Action: Let’s Crowdfund Those Who Can’t Afford CrowdMed

Generally, on CrowdMed, we like to talk about positive things: we like to talk about the cases we’ve solved, the progress we’ve made, and the things we’ve learned along the way.

But there’s another side to our story, and we have officially decided we not only want to go public about it, we want to do something about it.

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What Balloons Can Teach Us About Crowdsourcing Medicine

When searching for a cure for an uncommon disease, doctors and medical detectives are confronted with a difficult knowledge problem. The correct answer is out there, but it’s likely known only to a handful of people, dispersed among a lot of people who haven’t a clue, or worse, have the incorrect diagnosis. How can we separate the knowledgeable from the clueless? The solution might have a lot to do with balloons.

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Infographic: The Plight Of The American Patient

Because we work with a community of patients who are having trouble with the way some of our healthcare is structured in the United States, we tend to run into many patients who have expressed a lot of frustration with America’s healthcare system.

After seeing so many examples, we decided to do some research: were the people who use CrowdMed exceptions to the rule?  Or was there something worse, something more prevalent, happening?

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