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Proof The Internet Can Help Diagnose You

Proof The Internet Can Help Diagnose You

Just how hard is the challenge we’re up against?

The challenge we’re facing

CrowdMed faces what seems like an almost insurmountable challenge: how to solve medical mysteries that have stumped doctors and specialists for years, sometimes decades.

  • Average spent on medical care before CrowdMed: $66,000 
  • Average time sick: 7.3 years
  • Doctors seen before CrowdMed: More than 8

The challenge seems impossible.  And yet…

Crowdsourcing is solving mysteries even the experts can’t solve

The challenge may seem insurmountable, and yet we have consistently shown that our model can help solve even the hardest cases. Just how many cases have we successfully brought closer to a correct diagnosis or cure?

Success rate: 55%

The means that of the 500 cases submitted, more than 250 are CrowdMed successes, in about 2 months on average, for a small fraction of the cost of the traditional medical system (or often no cost to patients at all).

A side benefit of CrowdMed: people who listen

CrowdMed also provides a benefit that is often under-appreciated: people who truly listen.  With statistics saying that three out of five patients feel their doctors rush them too much, and that, on average, doctors wait only 18 seconds after a patient starts talking to interrupt them, it is no surprise that a platform like CrowdMed is an enormous relief for many. Need proof?

Patients satisfied with CrowdMed: 82.4%

In other words, even the patients who haven’t had their cases solved have indicated that they are grateful for their experience on our system.  This is mostly because they are grateful for the opportunity to use a system that empowers them.

As “Olga”, one of our patients, told us, “Although I haven’t yet resolved my primary health concern, I found it very helpful and reassuring to receive such positive, diligent and concerned responses. This created a much more empowering and uplifting feeling than going to the doctor ever has! It gave me renewed hope and inspired me to continue my own research, with more determination.”

More to come!

Stay tuned for our next post in this series, which will explain why having less experts involved in cases causes our cases to be more successful.

If you are struggling with finding a diagnosis, click here to submit your case to CrowdMed. Our community of “Medical Detectives” will do their best to help you get answers.

Every person who contributes to our community helps these numbers go up!  Join our Medical Detective community and make a difference in the lives of people desperate for a diagnosis. Find out how here.