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A Very Real Pain Acknowledged

A Very Real Pain Acknowledged

Mahrta sought treatment from a neurologist who diagnosed her with trigeminal neuralgia, a chronic pain condition that effects the trigeminal nerve in the face, which carries sensation from the face to the brain. Her doctor prescribed anti-seizure medication, which ended up making her suicidal.

In December 2014, Mahrta then had to endure two family crisis in one month. All the pain flared up and Mahrta lost control of her symptoms. She sought out a second doctor who prescribed her another medication. The pain was not relieved with the medication and she was in increasingly worse condition, so much so that the pain was so intense that she could only “eat” a liquid diet for months.

Mahrta’s husband had heard about CrowdMed on NPR and they decided to give it a try. While Mahrta had her diagnosis, she had yet to find an effective treatment.

“It was very important to me to have a multi-disciplinary team look at my case, and I feel like I got that with CrowdMed.”

CrowdMed was able to give Mahrta solutions that helped manage her pain and while her issue is a chronic illness, she still felt like she had a positive experience that lead her to relief:

“Acknowledging that I was in pain and that I had a story, it really went a long way to make me trust and feel comfortable with the process and trust to give them [Medical Detectives] about my case,” commented patient Mahrta about the CrowdMed Medical Detectives.

More than a diagnosis, Mahrta found a place where she felt truly heard and a place where all types of treatments and alternative medicines, specifically the ones that she had been trying when traditional medicine had failed, were respected and considered.

Today, Mahrta works to encourage other patients to feel empowered and engaged when it comes to their healthcare and treatment plans. On top of diagnosis and solutions, CrowdMed aims to provide patients with the information they need to do the same, and be their own advocate in the healthcare system.

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*Name has been changed to protect the patient’s identity