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Are Doctors The Only Ones Qualified To Diagnose Us?

This may seem like a silly question.  How is it possible that anyone but experts can diagnose us?  We are an expert-driven culture, with a reliance on further and further specialization.  It’s generally assumed, for good reason, that one person who’s very knowledgeable is better than a group of people who aren’t as knowledgeable.

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For 10 Years No One Believed She was Sick

We are humbled and honored to share the story of Deanna, one of our patients, who yesterday published an article on about her experience with our system.  As you will see, she had a fantastic experience. Most importantly, she also shares her own journey to arriving at a diagnosis.  Like most of our users, […]

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CrowdMed in the News

This has been a busy, exciting time for CrowdMed, and we’re extremely grateful that much of that excitement has to do with the press we’ve gotten.  In only the last month, we’ve appeared in multiple mainstream publications. Here are just a few of the stories that have been written about us.

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