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Online Support Groups: An Untapped Resource

Living with a chronic or undiagnosed disease is a grueling, endless battle that leaves you clinging to the remnants of your sanity. The symptoms are incapacitating, the financial strain is crippling, and the emotional toll it takes is a beast unlike any other. The emotional destruction is almost a rite of passage for the chronically […]

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The Do Nothing Diangosis

“Well, that’s quite a rash you have there” “Yes, it is–what is it?” “Pityriasis Rosea” “That sounds serious?” “It’s nothing to worry about” “So, what do I do about it?” “Nothing, it’ll go away on it’s own.”

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The Victims of Alzheimer’s

Most people think that the hardest part of Alzheimers is watching someone you love deteriorate before your eyes. Alzheimer’s systematically takes away each quality that you love about that person, ticking each element off each piece of their character off like it’s a check list, one by one, until there is nothing left but the […]

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