Managing Chronic Illness in the Work Place

As a manager, it’s hard to watch an employee suffer from a chronic illness with no answers. It’s even harder to approach them about the work-related issues that are often caused by such an illness.

At CrowdMed, we believe that the biggest flaw in the healthcare system is the expectation that one doctor has all the answers. There are so many diseases and symptoms, it is impossible for one doctor to know them all. So your employees often end up bouncing from doctor-to-doctor over months or even years, causing unnecessary stress, absenteeism, and reduced work productivity.

Luckily today, innovative companies such as Shire are now offering CrowdMed as a company-paid benefit to employees and covered dependents battling chronic unresolved medical conditions, at no cost.

“I am VERY positive about CrowdMed and greatly impressed by how it can work– the CrowdMed participants were wonderful! Their suggestions and questioning – to help the proper diagnosis – were insightful and extremely helpful. In addition, more than one of the participants shared a small personal story where they or their family may have struggled with the same apparent affliction, and all of that created an atmosphere that expressed to me THAT THEY CARED! And that was awesome!” commented one Shire employee about their CrowdMed experience.

CrowdMed offers your employees the ability to submit their case to multiple medical experts at once, expediting the healthcare process and giving the employee the opportunity to reach recovery and full productivity much more quickly.

Our platform allows for doctors to connect and collaborate, bringing together each unique set of expertise  to create a well-rounded base of medical knowledge. With this base, patients are more likely to access someone who is familiar with their mystery symptoms they are experiencing and with that, receive effective treatment options.

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