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Four Reasons Why You Should Become A Medical Detective

Four Reasons Why You Should Become A Medical Detective

At CrowdMed, we are devoted to helping people with rare conditions get the answers that they need. However, we aren’t able to do this alone. Our Medical Detectives are a core part of the community we are building, and it’s very easy to become a part of it. However, I’m sure you may be wondering: why should you become a Medical Detective?



  1. You can apply your unique experiences. 

Our Medical Detectives come from all around the world, all with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Every medical professional and student has something unique to bring to the table. You can apply your unique knowledge and expertise to one of the many cases of unresolved medical conditions on CrowdMed. 

  1. There are always cases to solve.

CrowdMed has no shortage of medical cases that need help solving. There are individuals everywhere who struggle with difficult to diagnose medical conditions. On CrowdMed, there are hundreds of active medical cases that could benefit from your unique expertise. You even have the option to search for specific cases using keywords, or by sorting through our filtering options.

  1. You can connect with other medical professionals/students around the world.

Medical Detectives don’t just help patients– they can help each other too! While they can collaborate on cases on the site, they can also participate in discussions on the CrowdMed Medical Detective Facebook Group. It is a closed group, open only to our Medical Detectives. There are also occasional opportunities posted to the group that typically aren’t advertised via public social media channels.

  1. If your diagnostic suggestion is helpful, you can earn cash rewards.

At CrowdMed, we realize that the unique expertise that you can offer is valuable. When the patient’s case is closed, the patient will distribute a significant cash reward among all of the participating Medical Detectives who were able to help provide a resolution. The more effective your participation is, the more you will earn. 



If you think that becoming a Medical Detective is for you, feel free to give it a try. Being a Medical Detective is a way for you to help others without having to leave the comfort of your home. While there is the cash incentive, the most valuable thing that you can get from becoming a Medical Detective is the opportunity to save someone’s life.

Author: Mandy Musselwhite