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For 10 Years No One Believed She was Sick

For 10 Years No One Believed She was Sick

She says it best, of course, so here are a few snippets from her beautiful, bitter-sweet story:

The struggle…

“There was once a time when I had a plan for myself. I had hopes, dreams, and an iron will. I was going to be fiercely independent, and everything was going to be okay. I dreamed of success. I still do.

But my undiagnosed illness has stolen everything from me at every turn.”

On feeling dismissed…

“To make matters worse, doctors, family members and friends were being judgmental and inflammatory. It was so . . . invalidating. I felt so abandoned and so betrayed. This was a time when I needed people the most. Instead of support, I encountered judgment and ridicule…

One evening, after drinking a glass or orange juice, I spent the following morning in the ER vomiting continuously for hours. ‘You just need to stop eating so many pizzas and cheeseburgers,’ said the doctor plainly.”

On not having options…

“I wanted to fix my life, and that is exactly what I tried to do . . . for the next ten years. I can’t work, so I can’t get health insurance. I don’t have a diagnosis, so I can’t recover and start my life over. I can’t even get Medicaid or disability! And without health insurance, I can’t even try to find out what’s wrong.

I have spent the last 10 years of my life hopelessly stuck. I have no control over my life anymore, and my undiagnosed illness has completely taken over. It’s not for lack of trying, though. You name it, I have tried it.”

On discovering CrowdMed…

“Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a potential solution appeared. I have been in contact with the producer of a film called Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees. She told me about CrowdMed, and, within minutes, I had an active case…

“In just 30 days, 19 different doctors saw my case. Even if I had health insurance, it would have taken at least a year and thousands of dollars to see that many doctors. More than likely, none of them would have been able to diagnose me. CrowdMed was my only remaining option, and it has saved me.

CrowdMed has been my light in the darkness. I was drowning, and they saved me. It feels like I can finally breathe. CrowdMed has been supportive, proactive, and caring from the very beginning. Thanks to CrowdMed, I am starting to identify the demon that has left me broken and without options.

Without CrowdMed, I would be done. There is nothing else available. There is nothing else I can do. I would have had no other choice but to live out the rest of my life trapped in my own circumstances, in a prison without walls, as figurative vultures picked at my remains.”

You can read Deanna’s entire post here.

We are so moved and grateful that Deanna shared her beautiful story, and we hope she is reaching the end of her troubles.

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