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CrowdMed Patient ‘Hope’ featured on Reply All Podcast

CrowdMed Patient ‘Hope’ featured on Reply All Podcast

About Reply All

Reply All is a show about Internet culture. They receive about two million listeners every month. The show is based in New York and hosted by Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt, both veteran producers from NPR’s On the Media. They are part of Gimlet Media, which was started by Alex Blumberg and documented in the mini-series, Start-Up.

Thank you

CrowdMed would like to thank Medical Detective kwalk21 and our medical advisor Greg Denari for playing an active role in the case. And a special thanks to Hope for sharing her story.

  • Jenna Donner

    I have similar symptoms to the ones that Hope has in this podcast #42 of Blindspot. I would love to connect with someone and hear what else she has found. My doctors have diagnosed me with many problems and none of them are connected or seem to be what is going on with me. Any suggestions?