CrowdMed partners with Shire

I’m pleased to officially announce a partnership between CrowdMed and a leading global biotech focused on rare diseases and specialty conditions, Shire, who will soon be piloting access to our platform to its thousands of US employees and covered dependents.

This marks the first time that a major self-insured employer has elected to offer CrowdMed as a company-paid benefit to its employees, but it will surely not be the last. Over the past couple of years, CrowdMed has resolved over 1,200 real-world medical mysteries for patients around the world, with a greater than 60% success rate, which is why innovative employers like Shire embrace our unique medical crowdsourcing technology. CrowdMed can not only change the lives of Shire employees who are desperately seeking answers for undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or under-diagnosed medical conditions, but also dramatically reduce their medical costs by resolving these complex cases quickly and efficiently.

We’re fortunate to have top executive level support for CrowdMed at Shire, and they’ve already proven an ideal corporate partner. We’re excited to soon add many Shire employees to our hundreds of CrowdMed success stories.

See the joint press release here.