CrowdMed in the News

This has been a busy, exciting time for CrowdMed, and we’re extremely grateful that much of that excitement has to do with the press we’ve gotten.  In only the last month, we’ve appeared in multiple mainstream publications. Here are just a few of the stories that have been written about us.


The Daily Beast: “Strangers Diagnose Your Illness and Get Cash in Return”

“CrowdMed is a system that caters to patients with physical and mental illnesses that are chronic in nature, Heyman said. The average CrowdMed patient has been sick for six years, seen eight doctors, and incurred more than $50,000 in medical expenses, according to the website. And since 2013, the site has helped users to diagnose cases of leaky gut and Lyme disease, iron deficiency and iliac vein compression, Heyman added.”

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Reuters: “Crowdsourcing The Answers To Medical Mysteries”

“The service, called CrowdMed (, relies on retired doctors, nurses and other ‘medical detectives’ to help patients find answers to their hard-to-diagnose medical conditions.”

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NextAvenue: “How Crowdsourcing Solves Medical Mysteries”

“The benefits were good, too: The schedule was endlessly flexible and he could work in his pajamas. Medical detectives can earn small financial incentives — Denari donates his to charity. He became so active on the site that today he serves as an official medical adviser for the company, devoting about 10 hours a week to the project.”

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San Francisco Weekly: “Doctor Everybody: A Local Startup Relies on ‘Crowd Wisdom’ for Medical Advice”

“All the same, internet-driven diagnostics have earned newfound cachet in recent years, owing to a few high-profile cases and a broader movement to bring Big Data into medicine.”

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