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CrowdMed Can Help Put You on the Path to a Cure

CrowdMed Can Help Put You on the Path to a Cure


Receiving medical attention should not be as much of a struggle as it tends to be for millions of people around the world. Even the sister of CrowdMed’s founder had to endure years of questions, unsuccessful doctors appointments, and thousands of dollars in medical expenses before she obtained the solution that she needed. Her medical mystery was eventually solved by a team of medical experts who used their individual, unique specialties to address her case. That is the primary reason why CrowdMed was established: giving patients access to a problem-solving group who can get them on the right path. 


Our Medical Detectives are here to help.


Since CrowdMed is an online platform, the Medical Detective community is entirely comprised of medical experts and students from around the world. With the amount of people in our problem-solving community, the probability that a patient’s case can be solved greatly increases. 


Here is some feedback from a few of our patients:

The medical detectives that suggested Churg Strauss on my case probably saved my life. I had went from specialist to specialist BEGGING for help and no doctor seemed to care in the least. They also didn’t consider ALL of my symptoms. I took the suggestions from CrowdMed and searched for the best doctor who could help me. I flew to the Cleveland Clinic with the CrowdMed packet and all my labs, saw a specialist in vasculitis, and had a diagnosis within an hour! They are now working on a treatment plan for me, but even more important to me is knowing what is wrong with me. I am BEYOND thankful for the wisdom, knowledge, and CARE the detectives on CrowdMed offered me. 

Patient “Laurel” – Texas, United States


It was great to have some suggestions to look further into including specific tests and explanations. The medical detectives were very empathetic and looked beyond a simple diagnosis of purely psychological and gave me hope, the site is great for uploading results and updating information and the ability to ask questions and respond to further inquiries was a great feature.

Patient “Cayla”- W.A., Australia


I’ve been in pain for over 2 years and at one point could not walk. No one could figure it out. In one week the detectives had a diagnosis and which specialist I should find. Now I’m receiving therapy and able to walk, sleep, fold laundry, etc. Thank you!

Patient “Lula” – Georgia, United States


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If you are interested in becoming a part of our growing Medical Detective community, feel free to click here.

Author: Mandy Musselwhite