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CrowdMed and the Direct Primary Care (DPC) Alliance Strategic Partnership Announcement

CrowdMed and the Direct Primary Care (DPC) Alliance Strategic Partnership Announcement

The DPC Alliance and CrowdMed are pleased to announce a strategic partnership whereby all DPC Alliance member physicians will have access to CrowdMed’s services for their patients at a significant discount.


CrowdMed and the DPC Alliance are proud supporters of direct primary care physicians and their goals to provide the highest quality care patient centric care at an affordable price. Both organizations are pleased to bring this offer to members of the DPC Alliance as we work toward a new vision of the future of healthcare.


CrowdMed offers and innovative solution, offering a patented crowdsourcing platform for multiple providers to effectively work together to supply diagnosis suggestions for your most challenging patients. As the patient’s DPC Physician, you can also participate directly in the patient’s case on our platform. Serving as a natural adjunct to your DPC practice we can help you and your patients tap into a collaborative network of medical wisdom without repeated costly referral back into the traditional medical system. Our clinically proven results have yielded:


A 28% reduction in overall medical costs
A 39% reduction in provider utilization; and
A 32% reduction in specialist visits

The DPC Alliance, which was born from a grassroots network of practicing DPC physicians looking to provide a unified voice and resources for fellow DPC physicians, has also served to provide members with a number of resources to help develop and grow theirpractices. This new strategic partnership with CrowdMed is an extension of that initial commitment.


As part of this agreement, the following initiatives have been developed to support DPC physicians:


CrowdMed will be publishing a multi part blog series which will go out to its more than 10K per month website visitors (patients who have suffered with unresolved medical issues) educating and informing them of Direct Primary Care
A DPC Practice Content Page will be established providing a link to the DPC Alliance Website
A significant discount will be offered to all DPC Alliance members who refer existing patients to CrowdMed. Brochures and referral cards customized to the practice are available upon request.
Informational webinars will be hosted for any DPC Physician who wants to learn more about how CrowdMed can serve as a compliment to their practice, and an aid in resolving difficult medical cases – helping to lead patients to the correct diagnosis
A member of CrowdMed’s team will walk each DPCA practice through their first CrowdMed case submission.

Through CrowdMed and DPC Practice Partnerships, the stated goals will be to:

Reinforce the DPC Provider as the center of the patient care experience
Decrease DPC utilization
Increase patient satisfaction and engagement
Improve patient outcomes; and
Decrease overall cost of care

About the DPC Alliance:


The Direct Primary Care Alliance launched on January 1, 2018 as a physician-led organization exclusively focused on growing the Direct Primary Care (DPC) movement. The Alliance was born from a grassroots network of practicing DPC physicians looking to provide a unified voice and resources for fellow DPC physicians.

We have grown to over 300 members in our first year. For more information on the DPC Alliance, or how to become a member please visit our website at:


About CrowdMed:


Direct Primary Care is the future of medicine. CrowdMed acts as a natural extension for DPC providers allowing you and your patients to tap into the extensive knowledge of our case solving community improving the efficiently and bottom line of your practice. You want what’s best for your toughest patient cases – CrowdMed can help!


Through the CrowdMed platform you can explore multiple diagnosis and help get your most challenging patient cases on the right path to treatment quickly and accurately. CrowdMed streamlines the process for challenging cases saving patients time and money in unnecessary specialist visits and helping them get better – faster.


When your patient submits their case on our patented case-solving platform our case solving community jumps into action. Many clinicians, with diverse medical backgrounds, work in a virtual side-by-side setting on each case. Patients love the highly interactive experience. If you choose to participate as one of the case solvers you’ll stay front and center on their case.


Your mission is our mission – to make a positive difference in the lives of patients. To learn more about CrowdMed please visit or contact us at

Author: Mandy Musselwhite