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The Persistent Patient: A Lesson In Taking Back Your Health Care

Jennifer was experiencing incredibly weak and painful muscles and joints. She would feel extremely stiff whenever she would try to stand and was sore all over her body. On top of that she was experiencing constant confusion, dizziness, chronic fatigue, tingling down her legs and arms, burning feet and drastic bowel changes.

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My 10-Year Diagnosis Journey: An Update

“Same story, different day.” That’s my default response when people ask me how I’m doing. And it’s the truth. When I last detailed my grueling diagnosis journey, it had ended on a hopeful note. There was one remaining obstacle, however. I still had to confirm CrowdMed’s suggested diagnoses with my doctor. But I can’t afford […]

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For 10 Years No One Believed She was Sick

We are humbled and honored to share the story of Deanna, one of our patients, who yesterday published an article on about her experience with our system.  As you will see, she had a fantastic experience. Most importantly, she also shares her own journey to arriving at a diagnosis.  Like most of our users, […]

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