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Here are a few CrowdMed news items that may be of interest to you. CrowdMed has been solving medical cases, in just months, for people who had gone years with no answers from their own doctors. Our mission, and our track record of success, definitely gets the attention of media and press – and we love sharing their stories and articles with our followers.


Your Wardrobe Upgrade Is Here

Your outfit of the day, your #OOTD, your power suit, your perfect desk to date wear, it sounds like such a small thing to be able to wear something that you are proud of and feel good in to work, but the second that is taken away from you, you realize it makes all the difference. It changes your attitude, your demeanor and how you carry yourself amongst your co-workers, customers or in this case, your patients.

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Physical Therapy

The Top Job In America Is In Healthcare (No, Not Doctor)

Using a scale based on average annual base salary, career opportunities rating and number of job openings, career website Glassdoor just released its list of the best jobs in America.  And, little surprise, of the 25 they list, a number of them are in the world of healthcare.

But what is surprising is just what positions they list in the field.  Physicians don’t make the list at all, for example.  Neither do many of the other “top expert” jobs, such as surgeon, that get a lot of the recognition in America.

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When Crowds Are Smarter Than Doctors

“My son feels like an old man. He suffers from constant, debilitating fatigue, painful body aches… he feels like he’s dying.”

Those are the words of a desperate mother. Her son Joseph had always been an active and athletic child, but starting at the age of 12, his health began to deteriorate inexplicably. Over the next 5 years, Joseph and his mother consulted with 14 different doctors, endured dozens of tests, and racked up more than $75,000 in medical expenses – but still couldn’t find answers. Read more

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CrowdMed in the News

This has been a busy, exciting time for CrowdMed, and we’re extremely grateful that much of that excitement has to do with the press we’ve gotten.  In only the last month, we’ve appeared in multiple mainstream publications. Here are just a few of the stories that have been written about us.

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Patrick Dempsey and CrowdMed Founder Jared Heyman

Patrick ‘McDreamy’ Dempsey Invests in CrowdMed

Actor Announces Investment in Crowdsourced Medical Diagnosis Platform.

Almost one in 10 Americans – and 350 million people globally – are affected by the approximately 7,000 different types of rare or difficult-to-diagnose medical conditions. With this investment, Dempsey is working with CrowdMed to help expand the platform and give an additional resource to those facing undiagnosed illnesses. Read more