Medical Detective Spotlight: GymnastDan

GymnastDan is one of those medical detectives that you hope all of your patients have the opportunity to work with. GymnastDan upholds CrowdMed’s ultimate goal of putting the patient first and understands the importance of providing support to patients throughout the diagnostic process.

A third-year medical student, GymnastDan is training to become a trauma surgeon. This, combined with GymnastDan’s past experience in gastroenterology and pain care, creates an incredibly well-rounded, medical student and soon-to-be licensed, medical professional. 

With skills in gymnastics, archery and figure skating, we feel very lucky GymnastDan chose a career in medicine.

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Brian Lehrer, award-winning host of The Brian Lehrer radio program, and, recently interviewed CrowdMed’s founder and CEO, Jared Heyman. The result is one of the most in-depth interviews you’ll find on CrowdMed, providing numerous insights on our mission, the wisdom of the crowd, and the inspiring story behind the development of CrowdMed. We hope you’ll enjoy the program as much as we did! Continue reading CrowdMed