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The Importance of Managing Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (also known as hypertension) is something that nearly 77.9 million adults in the United States. That’s over a third of the US population– it should not be taken lightly. Hypertension can damage blood vessels, and it can lead to serious health problems such as heart disease, kidney disease, or even stroke. Thankfully, […]

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Receiving Medical Attention Shouldn’t Be A Struggle

  Receiving medical attention shouldn’t be a struggle. However, it is an unfortunate reality for many. Not everyone has convenient access to medical care, and sometimes there simply aren’t any appointment slots available for the patient to receive the care and attention that they need.  Difficulties   Patients who live in rural areas are going […]

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CrowdMed and the Direct Primary Care (DPC) Alliance Strategic Partnership Announcement

The DPC Alliance and CrowdMed are pleased to announce a strategic partnership whereby all DPC Alliance member physicians will have access to CrowdMed’s services for their patients at a significant discount.   CrowdMed and the DPC Alliance are proud supporters of direct primary care physicians and their goals to provide the highest quality care patient […]

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