MD Spotlight: DrDeVilliers

This month’s MD Spotlight is CrowdMed Medial Detective and Moderator, DrDeVilliers. Originally from and currently residing in South Africa, DrDeVilliers brings an impressive determination and dedication to their CrowdMed cases. Inspired by their father, a Pediatrician, DrDeVilliers chose to study medicine over a choice of Electrical Engineering. Today, DrDeVilliers is a general practice physician with interests in family medicine, internal medicine, allergology and psychiatry.

Growing up, we remember always being told to respect, learn and remember history, that arguably your most important life lessons would come from this. DrDeVilliers successfully brings this same attitude to their approach to CrowdMed cases, siting over-reliance on special investigation as one of the biggest challenges in the medical field today.

“It is often said that ’80% of diagnoses can be made on history alone’ and I see a worrying trend toward decreased emphasis on history, examination and side-room investigations. It is no coincidence that many society guidelines recommend against aggressive investigations and that the field of radiology is “notorious” in their recommendation to “correlate clinically”.”

With passions for indie music, pizza and a certain cartoon cat, we are excited to have DrDeVilliers as part of our CrowdMed community.

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Medical Detective Spotlight: GymnastDan

GymnastDan is one of those medical detectives that you hope all of your patients have the opportunity to work with. GymnastDan upholds CrowdMed’s ultimate goal of putting the patient first and understands the importance of providing support to patients throughout the diagnostic process.

A third-year medical student, GymnastDan is training to become a trauma surgeon. This, combined with GymnastDan’s past experience in gastroenterology and pain care, creates an incredibly well-rounded, medical student and soon-to-be licensed, medical professional. 

With skills in gymnastics, archery and figure skating, we feel very lucky GymnastDan chose a career in medicine.

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Please Note, You Are Not Alone

When you are suffering from a rare disease, It is easy to feel isolated. The symptoms you are experiencing are not always recognizable by loved ones or doctors and with that, can sometimes go unacknowledged.

Patient “Barry” was a classic example of this. “Barry” came to us after suffering for 30 years  with chronic urinary and metabolic issues and a history of serious illness. This patient was strong enough to beat leprosy at the age of 13,  urinary tuberculosis and survive years of pain that eventually brought them to CrowdMed for answers.

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Medical Detective Spotlight: Kwalk21

At CrowdMed, we pride ourselves on harnessing “The Wisdom of the Crowd” to solve complex medical cases and are therefore, only as effective as the talent of our Medical Detectives. To celebrate all those who contribute their time, effort and exceptional knowledge, we’d like to kick off the Medical Detective Spotlight series, which will profile one of our Medical Detectives each month. To kick-off the series, we’d like to introduce one of our exceptional Medical Detectives, Kwalk21.

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CrowdMed Patient ‘Hope’ featured on Reply All Podcast

It’s not everyday we get to listen to a CrowdMed patient success story, via podcast, moderated by a CrowdMed Medical Detective and Dr. Lisa Sanders, the real life Dr. House! We’re biased, of course, but we found the real life medical mystery and prognosis fascinating. Listen for yourself and let us know if you agree:

Towards the end of the podcast, Reply All Producer Sruthi Pinnamaneni asks Dr. Sanders, “do you think ‘Hope’ could have done something better than going to CrowdMed after seeing the series of Doctors?” Dr. Sanders replies, “I think it was a reasonable thing to try. I think CrowdMed has an interesting perspective on this.”

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The Epidemic No One Is Talking About: Rare Disease [Infographic]

There is an undiscussed epidemic happening in our country, and around the world: rare disease.  Rare diseases are incredibly hard to advocate for, despite the fact that they affect so many people.  Precisely because they are rare, it’s hard for companies to make money off them, doctors to educate themselves about them, and patients to advocate for them.

But combined, as you’ll see in the infographic below, these diseases affect more people than the biggest headline-grabbing diseases on the planet.  And that’s why organizations like UR Our Hope (who we partnered with to make this infographic), are slowly beginning to use the power of the internet and crowd mobilization, to make a case that these diseases need more attention. Continue reading The Epidemic No One Is Talking About: Rare Disease [Infographic]

Susan Friedman Has Been Sick For 45 Years. Let’s Help Her.

Imagine being 62 years old, and you’ve been sick your entire adult life.  Imagine that during this time, things have only gotten worse.  Imagine that today, despite all this, you must take care of your disabled adult daughter, every household chore.

This is Susan’s life, and she is next in line to get help from CrowdMed’s IndieGoGo campaign.

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A Call To Action: Let’s Crowdfund Those Who Can’t Afford CrowdMed

Generally, on CrowdMed, we like to talk about positive things: we like to talk about the cases we’ve solved, the progress we’ve made, and the things we’ve learned along the way.

But there’s another side to our story, and we have officially decided we not only want to go public about it, we want to do something about it.

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