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The Do Nothing Diangosis

“Well, that’s quite a rash you have there” “Yes, it is–what is it?” “Pityriasis Rosea” “That sounds serious?” “It’s nothing to worry about” “So, what do I do about it?” “Nothing, it’ll go away on it’s own.”

The Victims of Alzheimer’s

Most people think that the hardest part of Alzheimers is watching someone you love deteriorate before your eyes. Alzheimer’s systematically takes away each quality that you love about that person, ticking each element off each piece of their character off like it’s a check list, one by one, until there is nothing left but the […]

Your Wardrobe Upgrade Is Here

Your outfit of the day, your #OOTD, your power suit, your perfect desk to date wear, it sounds like such a small thing to be able to wear something that you are proud of and feel good in to work, but the second that is taken away from you, you realize it makes all the […]

Hard to Hear, Better to Know

Patient “Mac” was an active person. Before falling ill he enjoyed participating in in biathlons, scuba diving, and traveling. His symptoms began in October of 1996, after he traveled from Victoria Falls to the South of France and then to Cancun. Somewhere along the way, he contracted a virus and began feeling constantly fatigued.

A Very Real Pain Acknowledged

Starting in 2008/2009, Patient “Mahrta” started to feel pain on the right side of her face. Starting out as shooting pain pulsing behind her eyes, the pain would eventually travel to the side of her nose and to two of her bottom teeth. Everyday tasks such as brushing and flossing her teeth, washing her face […]

Managing Chronic Illness in the Work Place

As a manager, it’s hard to watch an employee suffer from a chronic illness with no answers. It’s even harder to approach them about the work-related issues that are often caused by such an illness. At CrowdMed, we believe that the biggest flaw in the healthcare system is the expectation that one doctor has all […]

MD Spotlight: DrDeVilliers

This month’s MD Spotlight is CrowdMed Medial Detective and Moderator, DrDeVilliers. Originally from and currently residing in South Africa, DrDeVilliers brings an impressive determination and dedication to their CrowdMed cases. Inspired by their father, a Pediatrician, DrDeVilliers chose to study medicine over a choice of Electrical Engineering. Today, DrDeVilliers is a general practice physician with […]