A Numb Pain: Patient Lula’s Story

Before 2013, Lula* was living a happy life. She was an active, lively person who loved being outside. She was a hiker, a gardener and had just gotten married, life was pretty great.

But one day, Lula woke up and realized that her feet had gone completely numb, she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt them.

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The Victims of Alzheimer’s

Most people think that the hardest part of Alzheimers is watching someone you love deteriorate before your eyes. Alzheimer’s systematically takes away each quality that you love about that person, ticking each element off each piece of their character off like it’s a check list, one by one, until there is nothing left but the hollow shell of the person they once were.

With my experience, I found that my biggest Alzheimer’s heart break wasn’t with the patient, but with the care taker.

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What are Values of a Two-Year Faculty.

Junior faculties give you a exceptional get started for a few individuals who’re exploring for superior education if to assist their professions or simply to find pleasure on someone amount in life. There is a lot of excellent projects in proficient fields and scholarly fields that can be investigated and research around the junior higher education level.

For graduating secondary faculty understudies junior schools benefit understudies information in to the alteration from secondary faculty to highschool not having encountering the best way of lifespan stun that a couple of schools can put understudies by means of. You will discover there are repeatedly a large number of chances to satisfy instructive and in addition social wishes within the junior college stage for understudies that are occupied with in search of following a junior faculty workout.

Hard to Hear, Better to Know

Before falling ill, Mac* was an incredibly active person. He enjoyed participating in biathlons, scuba diving, and adventurous traveling, just to name a few.

In October of 1996, Mac traveled from Victoria Falls to the south of France and then to Cancun and somewhere along the way, he contracted a virus and began feeling constantly fatigued.

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The Persistent Patient: A Lesson In Taking Back Your Health Care

Jennifer was experiencing incredibly weak and painful muscles and joints. She would feel extremely stiff whenever she would try to stand and was sore all over her body. On top of that she was experiencing constant confusion, dizziness, chronic fatigue, tingling down her legs and arms, burning feet and drastic bowel changes.

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A Very Real Pain Acknowledged

Starting in 2008, Mahrta* started to feel pain on the right side of her face. Starting out as shooting pain pulsing behind her eyes, the pain eventually traveled to the side of her nose and even to her teeth. Everyday tasks such as brushing and flossing her teeth, washing her face and hair, putting on make-up and even sleeping in certain ways  proved to be impossible because of the pain. At times, this pain would bring her to uncontrollable tears.

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14 Years to Diagnosis: A CrowdMed Patient Success Story

When patient Lenard* was a medical student, he noticed a lesion on his shin that at first glance appeared to be dry skin. Unlike dry skin, though, this condition proved to be anything, but temporary and persisted for months.

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Managing Chronic Illness in the Work Place

As a manager, it’s hard to watch an employee suffer from a chronic illness with no answers. It’s even harder to approach them about the work-related issues that are often caused by such an illness.

At CrowdMed, we believe that the biggest flaw in the healthcare system is the expectation that one doctor has all the answers. There are so many diseases and symptoms, it is impossible for one doctor to know them all. So your employees often end up bouncing from doctor-to-doctor over months or even years, causing unnecessary stress, absenteeism, and reduced work productivity.

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