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A Call To Action: Let’s Crowdfund Those Who Can’t Afford CrowdMed

A Call To Action: Let’s Crowdfund Those Who Can’t Afford CrowdMed

A number of months ago, we implemented something we called our “Pro Bono” feature.  It allowed people to apply for a free campaign.  People who had been undiagnosed for years, just like so many of our other patients, but who for one reason or another (usually because of their medical debts) were unable to afford our fees.

We could (and do) sponsor about one person a day, which is what we can afford at this time.

The problem: the moment we implemented this feature, we received a huge influx of patients in need.

And although we did our best to help the ones we could, there were still many cases that deserved to be paid for that we simply could not afford to add to our system.

The problem has increased as we’ve become more popular and people have heard more about our site.

That’s why we’ve decided to take action and do something about it: we’ve created a crowdfunding campaign in partnership with IndieGoGo with the goal to fund as many of these people in need as possible.

You can read our description of the campaign in detail there, but I’d like to quote the beginning of the description for you because I think it perfectly describes the typical patient who needs our help:


Meet Nicky

Nicky is $80,000 in debt. He has lost his business, his car, and his house. All because of a mysterious illness. Seven years ago he underwent bladder surgery, and since then he has suffered from debilitating pain.

“I was given so many different diagnoses: Ulcerative Colitis. Then Crohn’s. Sleep Apnea. Chronic Pain Disorder. ADHD. PTSD. Daily Fatigue Syndrome. And they put me on all kinds of medications.”

“Everything that I was told to do failed or made the problems worse.”


Nicky still needs our help.  Nicky is not just one person, he represents many just like him.  The millions of people who suffer from undiagnosed illnesses, and the thousands who have applied to our site for help.

We can help Nicky and we can help them.  We just need your help.

Click here to help those who can’t afford CrowdMed, and help make a real difference in their lives.  For every $300 donated, a life may be eased or even saved.