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6 Simple Ways to Support Someone Dealing With a Health Crisis

6 Simple Ways to Support Someone Dealing With a Health Crisis

When someone you care about receives a serious health diagnosis, it is important to let them know you are there to support them. It is frightening and a huge change in your loved one’s life. It is important to keep in mind that there are many ways to provide support to your loved one. So, how you choose to support them must be in a manner that your loved one is comfortable with. Here are six simple ways to keep in mind when providing support to someone dealing with a difficult health diagnosis.


Providing Company

It’s not always about doing things. Sometimes just being there for someone is enough, especially during a tough time. No one wants to be alone when it comes to a health crisis. It’s a difficult time for both of you. Relationships are important whether they are friends or family members. Sit with them, talk to them and support them through their hardship. Taking the time to strengthen your relationship with your loved one can be beneficial to their health.


Offering Help

Being a good friend means offering help without them having to ask. Instead of letting them think about ways you can help, pitch in yourself! Offer to let them stay with you so they won’t be alone. Help them out with daily chores such as cooking dinner or doing the laundry. If they have children, plan something fun for them like taking them to the movies. These small actions can make a huge difference for them and their family. It will help ease their stress and give them a sense of normalcy.


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Support Groups

Encourage your loved one to join support groups. It is helpful talking to others who are dealing with the same thing. Even if they have considerable support from friends and family, it can be easier to open up in these environments. Support your loved one by helping them research local support groups they can attend. Support groupsoffer a safe and comfortable space where people come together to support each other. Online support groups are also great if they have trouble leaving the house or opening up in person.



Take Part in Lifestyle Changes

Going through a big change is challenging. It is often motivational for your loved one to have someone support them in making changes in their everyday lives. If the health crisis requires a lifestyle change, be supportive of it. Joining them would be even better! Eat healthily, exercise together and keep each other accountable. If the health crisis prevents them from doing highintensity workouts, help them find alternative ways to stay active.  Strength bands are useful to incorporate simple stretching exercises into their daily routine. Doing things together can have a positive impact on their health.


Giving Gifts

At times it can be difficult to think of ways to be supportive. Thoughtful gifts are always appreciated. Whether its fresh flowers, a gift basket or a hamper of their favourite things, your gift will cheer them up during a difficult time. Giving a gift doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money either. A card with a meaningful message can be sure to put a smile on their face.


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Always Be There

It’s important that you don’t drift away from those who need your support. Always be there for your loved ones and check in with them regularly to see how they are doing. A physical visit is always the most valuable. Human interaction can bring you closer together. If you’re finding it hard to make time for regular visits, try to give them a call or send a text every so often.


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Author: Johanna Cider