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14 Years to Diagnosis: A CrowdMed Patient Success Story

14 Years to Diagnosis: A CrowdMed Patient Success Story

When Lenard went to his doctor, she was stumped and referred him to a dermatologist who put him on steroids that helped for a brief time, until the rash spread and became resistant to steroid treatment. This skin condition continued to stump multiple doctors for 14 years.

More than dry skin, the skin became incredibly sensitive. If Lenard just bumped it, it would bleed. Oddly enough, Lenard reported that the rash was light sensitive and that time in the sun reduced the inflammation in the rash.

Only present on his shins, the abnormal pattern of distribution threw off the doctors and prevented them from committing to a diagnosis. On top of that, multiple tests were done to check for thyroid abnormalities and fungal infections, all of which came back as negative.

Lenard was eventually referred to CrowdMed by a colleague where, after 90 days, the crowd came back with the correct diagnosis: Psoriasis, which was submitted by a medical student in China. For the first time, Lenard was provided with a correct diagnosis and a clear treatment plan.

“The cost for getting a diagnosis with CrowdMed, if you ask me is a bargain,” commented patient Lenard on his CrowdMed experience.

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*Name has been changed to protect the patient’s identity