Brian Lehrer, award-winning host of The Brian Lehrer radio program, and, recently interviewed CrowdMed’s founder and CEO, Jared Heyman. The result is one of the most in-depth interviews you’ll find on CrowdMed, providing numerous insights on our mission, the wisdom of the crowd, and the inspiring story behind the development of CrowdMed. We hope you’ll enjoy the program as much as we did! Read more

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Infographic: The Plight Of The American Patient

Because we work with a community of patients who are having trouble with the way some of our healthcare is structured in the United States, we tend to run into many patients who have expressed a lot of frustration with America’s healthcare system.

After seeing so many examples, we decided to do some research: were the people who use CrowdMed exceptions to the rule?  Or was there something worse, something more prevalent, happening?

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Are Doctors The Only Ones Qualified To Diagnose Us?

This may seem like a silly question.  How is it possible that anyone but experts can diagnose us?  We are an expert-driven culture, with a reliance on further and further specialization.  It’s generally assumed, for good reason, that one person who’s very knowledgeable is better than a group of people who aren’t as knowledgeable. Read more


Proof The Internet Can Help Diagnose You

This is an exciting moment for us here at CrowdMed.  After just a year since launching, we have hit our 500th case submitted. What does that 500 signify?  That’s 500 people that have spent years, sometimes decades, trying to find out why they are sick.  500 people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars.  500 people who have spoken to specialist after specialist, doctor after doctor, with no answer. Read more


When Crowds Are Smarter Than Doctors

“My son feels like an old man. He suffers from constant, debilitating fatigue, painful body aches… he feels like he’s dying.”

Those are the words of a desperate mother. Her son Joseph had always been an active and athletic child, but starting at the age of 12, his health began to deteriorate inexplicably. Over the next 5 years, Joseph and his mother consulted with 14 different doctors, endured dozens of tests, and racked up more than $75,000 in medical expenses – but still couldn’t find answers. Read more


For 10 Years No One Believed She was Sick

We are humbled and honored to share the story of Deanna, one of our patients, who yesterday published an article on about her experience with our system.  As you will see, she had a fantastic experience.

Most importantly, she also shares her own journey to arriving at a diagnosis.  Like most of our users, she had spent years unsuccessfully vainly trying to get a proper diagnosis, and had almost given up hope when she heard about CrowdMed. Read more

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CrowdMed in the News

This has been a busy, exciting time for CrowdMed, and we’re extremely grateful that much of that excitement has to do with the press we’ve gotten.  In only the last month, we’ve appeared in multiple mainstream publications. Here are just a few of the stories that have been written about us.

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Jared Heyman, CrowdMed founder and CEO

Solving Your Medical Mysteries Online, with Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing as a Medical Tool: Interview with CrowdMed CEO Jared Heyman.

 is an online medical crowdsourcing platform where people submit medical cases with information about symptoms, medical history, family history, and other pertinent data. Subsequently, the community of “medical detectives” suggests diagnoses and places point bets on the outcomes they think are most likely. CrowdMed’s patented prediction market algorithms aggregate the medical differential set by the crowd and distills it down to a probable list of diagnostic suggestions for each patient. Read more


Top 5 Ways Crowdsourcing Can Improve Health and Medical Diagnosis

1. Crowdsourcing can help solve even the most difficult medical cases.

Not even the famous (and fictional) Dr. House M.D. can know everything about every one of the more than 13,000 known medical conditions, diseases and disorders. At the same time, public web forums can turn even the most rational person into a total hypochondriac. So, where can you turn for help, if the internet is driving you crazy and your doctor has no answer? Crowdsourcing. Read more

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Diagnosing Medical Cases Online: Threat to Traditional Medicine?

Doctor-to-be Neil Dubey ponders healthcare innovation, internet-empowered patients, and what it all means for the future of medicine.

As long as the Internet exists, patients will utilize it. Doctors have a unique opportunity to embrace and help shape the future of health, while engaging with patients who now have access to a world of open information and diverse input. Read more