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The Top Job In America Is In Healthcare (No, Not Doctor)

Using a scale based on average annual base salary, career opportunities rating and number of job openings, career website Glassdoor just released its list of the best jobs in America.  And, little surprise, of the 25 they list, a number of them are in the world of healthcare.

But what is surprising is just what positions they list in the field.  Physicians don’t make the list at all, for example.  Neither do many of the other “top expert” jobs, such as surgeon, that get a lot of the recognition in America.

In fact, much like our own surprising data about the surprising professions in the medical field that are best at helping diagnose illness on our site, it is the “less acknowledged” professions that have received the highest marks.

Here are the top healthcare professions and their rankings on the list:


  1. Physician Assistant – Glassdoor Job Score: 4.8
  • Number of Job Openings: 45,484
  • Average Base Salary: $111,376
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.5
  1. Physical Therapist – Glassdoor Job Score: 4.3
  • Number of Job Openings: 27,579
  • Average Base Salary: $64,806
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.2
  1. Nurse Practitioner – Glassdoor Job Score: 4.2
  • Number of Job Openings: 15,341
  • Average Base Salary: $95,171
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.1

What this means for the overall health field, and especially for physicians, will surely be a topic of discussion as time passes.  But for now, it’s great to see that some of the “other” medical professions are getting their due.

And if you want to see the full list you can check out Glassdoor’s post.

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5 People With Rare Diseases Who Will Inspire You

Life with a rare disease can be a lonely experience.  Often, no more than 100 or 50 people in the entire world share the same disease.  There aren’t the same resources available to these people, or an awareness of the difficulties they face.

Which is why so many people with rare diseases inspire us: they overcome almost impossible obstacles to show us just how much can be accomplished despite limitations and a world that doesn’t understand them.

Below are five beautiful stories (among many) of some people with rare diseases who have inspired many with their bravery and vision.

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The Danger (And Potential) Of Diagnosing Ourselves Online

Practically since the internet was invented, people have been using it to try and figure out what ails them.  And today, the practice is so widespread that it is practically ubiquitous.  According to a recent Pew study, “80% of Internet users look for health information online, making medical inquiries the third most popular web-based pursuit, following only email and search engine use.”

In other words, whatever any experts say or do, the act of attempting to diagnose ourselves on the internet isn’t going anywhere.

But it would be a fair question to ask, though, if the internet is the right place to go.  Are we helping ourselves or hurting ourselves with our attempt to put the medical system back in our hands?

Let’s take a look at the facts.

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Infographic: The Plight Of The American Patient

Because we work with a community of patients who are having trouble with the way some of our healthcare is structured in the United States, we tend to run into many patients who have expressed a lot of frustration with America’s healthcare system.

After seeing so many examples, we decided to do some research: were the people who use CrowdMed exceptions to the rule?  Or was there something worse, something more prevalent, happening?

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Proof The Internet Can Help Diagnose You

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When Crowds Are Smarter Than Doctors

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